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“ The Creditors Network provides relevant information manufacturers require for healthy cash flow and current accounts receivables. The service is a valuable tool in any economy. ”

- Kathleen McHugh , President - ASTRA - American Specialty Toy Retailing Association

“ Our credit check process moves along faster than ever before, and the information gained is more factual and useful, thanks to The Creditors Network. It is such a great resource! ”

- Christa R. Cronin , Dir. Of Operations - Thames & Kosmos (Member since 2006)

“ Creditors Network is great because of the immediacy of information it provides. By completing a very simple web form, you can retrieve instant responses on account history from several different manufacturers in the circle. It makes sense, and makes what is often a tedious job very quick and easy! ”

- Melissa Milne , Credit Manager - The Orb Factory (Member since 2007)

“ With a busy schedule and limited manpower using The Creditors Network makes my life easier. I have been able to streamline the time that goes into credit reference inquiries. Everything is right there at my fingertips. With the new improved report it's even easier to view. ”

- Sharon Gorman , Credit Manager - Ravensburger

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